Why is Florida going to be a little less safe on Thanksgiving Day?

Flashing yellow lights, flashing lights, lights flashing, flashing red lights.

That’s the warning Florida’s governor issued to all Florida residents to avoid the holiday.

But is it a real threat to public safety?

The answer may be yes, according to researchers at the University of Florida and the University at Buffalo.

We found that there is a high correlation between exposure to red-light and fatalities.

In other words, if you see red lights, you’re at a higher risk of being hit by a car, a plane or someone else.

This is in line with the national safety campaign for the holiday, which calls on people to stay on the road and keep their eyes peeled for red-and-yellow flashing lights.

We also found that this red light alert may be an indicator of drivers’ behavior and that people who are driving slower, have lower driving skills and don’t wear seat belts are at higher risk.

If red lights were a warning to avoid driving, we would expect to see more red-lit vehicles on the roads.

In fact, in a study of 6,600 drivers in Florida, we found that red-lights were an even more dangerous signal than a yellow light.

The researchers found that drivers were twice as likely to hit someone behind a red-tinted window, and two times as likely if the vehicle’s driver side was red.

And the more red lights you see, the higher your risk of hitting someone.

The red-lighting warning can actually increase the risk of someone being struck by a passing car or a plane.

In a study in the journal Accident Analysis & Prevention, researchers from the University and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that the increased risk of crashes involving red lights was higher in places with a higher rate of people traveling in groups of five or more.

The risk of an accident increases dramatically when drivers are more likely to be traveling at speeds of at least 30 mph, said lead author Brian Wiese, a research professor at the UF Department of Psychology.

Wiesen says red lights are particularly dangerous in congested urban areas, where traffic is backed up by traffic lights, intersections and speed limit signs.

So even if you don’t see red flashing lights in your neighborhood, you are at risk for an accident if you’re traveling in an urban area with a lot of cars and other road users, he said.

Red lights are a problem in Florida even when the weather is mild, according in a recent study.

The new research was published online Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health.

Red-light cameras and other traffic cameras were installed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia in 2017, according the National Safety Council.

But the safety campaign only targeted red-on-red traffic.

The warnings were issued to drivers who saw red lights and their driver side lights.

In 2016, Florida implemented the red-zone alert system, which involves a red flashing light and a warning signal.

But Wieses and his colleagues wanted to investigate whether the red light warning would be a good deterrent.

They wanted to find out whether red lights actually increased the likelihood of being struck.

“What we found was that drivers are going to drive slower and they’re going to have less experience in the speed limit,” Wieser said.

And even though red lights can cause less injuries than yellow lights and red-emitting bulbs, Wies, who studies the effects of traffic on drivers, says they may actually increase accidents.

“Red lights are actually more dangerous in traffic,” he said, “and they actually increase collisions.”

The study found that people were twice more likely than drivers of other cars to be struck by red-traffic vehicles.

This may have something to do with the increased speed of the vehicles.

Wieens said there are two reasons why red lights increase the chance of hitting a car: the speed of their cars and the driver’s ability to see them.

Wieses said that red lights appear to be “invisible” to drivers, but he doesn’t know why.

The reason, he speculated, is that people don’t always look at red lights because they don’t want to cause a crash.

“They’re driving too fast,” he explained.

“If you’re driving faster than people, you’ll see a red light.

But if you slow down, you won’t see the red.”

In addition to red lights being a distraction, Wiedens said that drivers may not know that they’re approaching a red, so they ignore the warning signal and speed up.

“The fact that they see the warning signals on their dash is really scary,” he added.

If you have any questions about the new research, you can contact Wiesens at [email protected] or call him at (850) 738-7303.

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