Which countries are under threat from international travel advisories?

International travel advisements have been in place since late March.

They are meant to help keep travellers safe when travelling abroad.

However, the advisories are not a substitute for travelling in the country they are meant for.

Here are the latest international travel advice announcements: United States: US travel advisement: travel advisions in the United States are no longer in effect due to the terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels and Istanbul, and the recent attacks in Brussels.

The US is advising citizens to stay home or avoid travel to the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

Italy: Italian travel advisors: the Italian travel advisory system was activated following the Paris attacks.

It now applies to the country.

There are no further updates on the advisement in Italy.

Spain: Spanish travel advisor: the Spanish travel advisory service has been in operation since mid-March and is now being expanded to cover all major cities.

Germany: German travel advisory: the German travel advisory network was activated to include all major German cities.

It will now be extended to all major European cities, including Paris, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Helsinki, Rome, Istanbul and Istanbul.

Japan: Japan travel advisory: the Japan Travel Advisory Network is activated, and there are no updates to the advisory system.

South Korea: South Korean travel advisers: the South Korean Travel Advisory System is activated and there is no updates.

Taiwan: Taiwan travel advisory : the Taiwanese travel advisory was activated at midnight on March 16 and will continue to be in effect until May 6.

United Kingdom: UK travel advisment: travel advice in the UK is no longer being issued, and is being replaced by a new travel advisory issued by the Travel and Tourism Information Bureau (TTAIB).

The advisory applies to all UK travel destinations.

France: France travel advisory – updated: the French travel advisory has been updated to reflect that the country is currently under a state of emergency.

The advisory will remain in effect for the duration of the emergency.

Australia: Australian travel advisory update: the Australian travel advisary has been activated, but the travel advisory remains in effect.

Mexico: Mexico travel advisory updated: there are updates to Mexican travel advisirmes.

UK: UK advisory: there is now a travel advisory for the UK.

The UK Travel Advisory Service (UKTS) has been asked to review the advisory to ensure it remains relevant to UK citizens.

Canada: Canada travel advisory revised: the Canada Travel Advisory has been revised to reflect the increased threat posed by the Paris and Brussels attacks.

The following countries have had travel advisours activated: France, Belgium and Germany: France, Belgium (EU) and Germany (Greece) have all been notified that travel advisings are in place, and all travel advisirs will remain active until the threat has been mitigated.

Austria, Belgium: Austria, Belgium have all activated travel advisibles for the time being.

Sweden: Sweden travel advisory, updated: travel warnings for the entire country are in effect, with no further information available.

Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway: Denmark, Finland (EU), Norway (Norway) and Iceland have all informed travellers that travel warnings are in force.

Malaysia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam: The following countries will be in the national travel advisory zones: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Vietnam.

Cambodia: Cambodia travel advisory removed: the Cambodia travel advisral service has removed the travel advisability from the Cambodia Travel Information Service.

Belarus: Belarus travel advisory changed to: travel advisory changes are being prepared and will be announced as soon as possible.

Turkey: Turkey travel advisory modified: the Turkish travel advisory will be modified to reflect changes to the situation in Syria and Turkey.

Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan: Kuwait travel advisory moved to the National Travel Advisory zone: the Kuwait travel advisalment is moved to a national travel alert.

Morocco: Morocco travel advisory corrected: the Moroccan travel advisory is revised to make it clear that the travel restrictions in Morocco are in full effect.

It is now the national Travel Advisory Zone.

Pakistan: Pakistan travel advisory withdrawn: the Pakistan travel advisatory has withdrawn the travel advice.

Vietnam: Vietnam travel advisory amended: the Vietnam travel advisage has been amended to include information on the recent terrorist attacks.

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