Australia’s biggest banks offer guidance on their risk-taking guidelines

KPMG Australia has issued a cautionary note about the growing influence of self-reported risk in the financial system.

Key points:KPMG warns banks that they are being pressured to take aggressive actions to reduce riskKPMGB Australia has written to all major banks, urging them to review their risk management guidelinesKPMGL has asked its staff to review risk-sharing agreements, and to seek feedback from clients and analystsKPMGR has also urged staff to consider risk-reward profiles and to take appropriate action when taking aggressive action to reduce the likelihood of losses or financial damage.

“It is clear that some of the institutions which are leading the way in risk-assessment are not in compliance with their responsibilities under the guidelines and their own risk management guidance,” KPMGR Australia CEO Robert Pert said.

“While many of these institutions are doing the right thing, they are also doing the wrong thing.”

He said KPMGL was not surprised by KPMGA’s advice, and KPMGU’s call for banks to review the risk-management guidelines.

“We are all being pressured by the self-reporting of risk,” Mr Pert told AM.

“If you take on an individual risk that is self-reportable, you will be better off.”

But when you are talking about financial institutions, the self reporting has been increasing and the self management has been decreasing.

“Mr Pert says he expects the self assessment to continue to grow, and that KPMBG will be more vocal about its concerns in the coming weeks.”

The self assessment is still growing, but KPMGB has been doing it in a way that is much more positive,” he said.

In a letter sent to KPMGE’s employees, KPMGW said it was aware of the self reports of risk-reporting and “recognises the growing role of self reporting as a means of assessing risk”.”

This trend has implications for the entire financial system and is particularly troubling given that the role of risk management in a complex and evolving financial system has become increasingly important,” the letter said.

The letter also asked staff to carefully consider the risk profile of clients and colleagues and to carefully review their relationships with KPMGH and KSMG.”

Your responsibility is to manage risk, and you should take appropriate measures to reduce your risk,” it said.KPMGU is also urging its staff “to carefully consider how to assess risk and assess risk-reserve levels”.”

The role of Risk Management is critical in any organisation and, with more information coming from self-assessed and other sources, this role is becoming increasingly important to managers,” the organisation said in a blog post.”

In addition to risk management, you need to also be aware of risk, including the risks of non-compliance and fraud.””

If these issues are not addressed or addressed effectively, you may experience significant losses and losses of money and potentially reputation,” the KPMGI said.


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