Why does the Israeli police keep charging the Palestinian Authority’s fee?

The Palestinian Authority is a state with a political and financial structure that is very different from the one that exists in Israel.

The Palestinian constitution provides that it must be run by a national council consisting of a representative of the people, the Prime Minister and the President.

The Prime Minister serves a four-year term and is appointed by the President and is elected every five years.

But the PA does not have the authority to implement its own laws, and does not control the judiciary, which is composed of a cabinet composed of three of the three members of the ruling Fatah faction, and the Chief Justice.

The chief justice is the only person in the country who has absolute power.

In addition, the Palestinian government does not operate an independent media and does have only a limited number of publications and TV channels.

In recent years, however, the PA has tried to take advantage of the increased media attention given to Israel, and has become increasingly dependent on Israeli financial support to survive.

In 2018, for example, the ministry of finance began charging the PA’s advisory fee, which covers the salaries of PA staff and other expenses.

This fee was added to the monthly Palestinian National Fund (PNN) bill that was approved by the Palestinian Legislative Council in October.

The PNN was designed to finance salaries and salaries of the Palestinian employees of the PA, as well as the salaries and expenses of employees of its regional affiliates, like the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The PNC also provides funding for salaries of members of Israel’s armed forces, including security guards, and to pay for the salaries to some of its senior officials.

The fees are part of a larger effort by the PA to expand its administrative capacity and attract foreign capital and to expand the PA budget.

According to the finance ministry, the fee is intended to cover the salaries for PA employees, and will be paid annually in the coming years, at the end of the current fiscal year, or the first six months of 2020, whichever comes first.

The PA has long claimed that the fee was meant to help it fund its internal budget, and that its staff were paid for the benefit of the country.

But a study conducted by the Arab List political bureau and the Center for Research and Policy Studies, a Washington-based NGO, found that the PA had spent less than $2 billion on salaries and other related expenses over the past three years.

A second report published by the Center on Middle East Policy in March 2017, which analyzed the spending of the Ministry of Finance, found, for instance, that in 2018, the salaries paid to the PA employees in the field exceeded $1.3 million.

According the Center report, the money that was allocated to salaries and related expenses for the first half of 2020 was spent on salaries, travel, and other administrative costs.

The report also found that in 2020, the PNC spent $1 million to hire two senior PA officials to assist in the implementation of the law governing salaries.

The government also spent money on salaries for employees of Israel, which the PA did not have to pay.

The two officials were paid a salary of $8,400 per month.

As for the PNN, the government spent more than $1 billion on the fund, according to a 2016 report from the International Crisis Group.

In 2015, the World Bank said that the PND, a separate fund, provided $5.8 billion in support for the Palestinian economy, with the bulk of the funds going to salaries, salaries of staff and expenses.

The World Bank’s Economic and Social Report 2017 stated that the total allocation of the PNT to the Palestinian National Budget was about $1,700 million.

That year, the amount of PNT was $1 trillion.

The amount of money allocated to the PNBP over the years was significantly less than the amount allocated to PA employees.

According a July 2016 report by the Office of the United States Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, the number of salaries paid in the PA was estimated at $1-2 billion per year.

The OPCRP, however is currently reviewing the PA National Budget, and is expected to issue its final report in 2020.

The reason for the PA government’s decision to charge the PA the fees, according the finance minister, is to allow it to take the money it received from foreign sources to pay salaries and support staff.

The new fees, however are not the first time the PA is attempting to increase the salaries, since the previous one was raised in 2007.

The fee was introduced to pay the salaries from a previous budget that the Palestinian president had already approved.

According, the previous fee was set at $100 per month, but that fee was reduced to $40 in 2017, as the PA increased its budget to meet the new requirements.

In September 2017, the finance ministers office issued a report

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