Which NFL teams are most likely to suffer snow?

The National Weather Service issued an advisory Tuesday morning for players and coaches in all 32 NFL teams, warning of potential icy conditions in the region from the Dakotas to Washington.

The snow advisory applies to all games played this week.

The NFL is playing at New Orleans’ MetLife Stadium.

It’s expected to be the last time the NFL plays indoors until September.

The weather service said the game will likely be played at a neutral venue because of the high concentration of ice.

The league has not released a full list of venues for the game.

The NWS also said the snow advisory does not apply to NFL stadiums in Kansas City and Dallas.

The NWS said snow can form in parts of the region, and can last for several days, but that the likelihood of ice is low.

The agency is urging fans to stay indoors and exercise caution.

If you live in an area affected by snow, here’s how to stay safe:Stay in good physical condition.

Stay hydrated.

If you’re driving, wear a hat and gloves.

Be aware of your surroundings, especially on roads.

Check the weather and other traffic information on weather.com and stay alert.

Stay connected with the NWS via social media, including @NWS_NWS, @NatsGameDay, @weathernws and @weathercast.

Stay safe and watch the game, @nswweather, @NWSBoston, @NASCAR and @NBSports.

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