How to avoid getting hit by a Tesla Roadster in the Mojave desert

There are few things worse than being hit by one of the biggest cars on the planet.

Thankfully, you have plenty of options when it comes to taking your chances and avoiding getting mowed down.

To help you stay safe, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you avoid getting mown down by one in the desert.1.

Always check your surroundings.

When you’re in the middle of nowhere, there’s nothing more terrifying than a speeding Tesla Roadsters.

The Tesla Model S is the safest car on the road, and it has an incredible range, so if you’re driving with a family, it can make for a safe ride.

Even better, Tesla drivers are always on the lookout for speeders, and have a huge amount of warning signs.2.

Be wary of fast-moving cars.

In most situations, cars are going to pass you.

You’ll get out of your car and see the headlights of a passing car, but it won’t look like you’ve been hit by an incoming Tesla.

Cars that speed by you are going too fast to be hit by the Tesla Roaders.

Cars with lots of space behind them will probably slow down to avoid you, too.3.

Don’t get out too early.

There are plenty of times when a car will be in front of you and you won’t have time to pull over and let it pass.

You can get out to get out and drive safely, but if you need to pull out, you’ll need to slow down a bit.

If the Tesla’s in front, you might be able to make it out safely.4.

Know your surroundings better.

If you’re the only one in your immediate vicinity, it might be wise to wait for the Tesla to pass before taking a break.

When the Tesla is close to you, it’s usually best to just get out your window and watch it go by.5.

Be cautious of the speed limit.

The higher the speed, the less safe you are.

If there’s a stop sign, make sure to slow your speed down and get out as fast as you can.

When approaching the Tesla, keep your eyes peeled for the red flashing lights on the side of the road.

They can be a sign that you’ve got to slow or stop.6.

Check for a tow truck.

There’s a tow car that will pick you up at the nearest petrol station.

They usually have free delivery in case you’re on a long drive and need to pick up some stuff.

If not, you can find a tow company that will take you to your destination.7.

Remember to check your mirrors.

They’re usually set to show you a few spots where the Roadster has passed you, so it might help to remember where they are.8.

Make sure to look out for the driver.

There is always a chance that the driver of the Tesla will pass you at a certain speed, so you should be very careful.

It’s also possible that the Tesla driver will be using their phone to record you.

If you’ve run out of time and want to make sure you’re safe before heading out on your next long drive, here are some tips to make your trip more enjoyable.9.

Don´t be scared by the speed.

While it’s possible to get hit by this Tesla Roadver, it doesn’t happen every time.

There have been plenty of accidents involving Tesla Roadvers, so there is a good chance that you won´t get mowed.

It is also important to remember that the roadsters are only capable of traveling at speeds up to 50 mph.10.

If that happens, remember to take photos.

Just remember to remember to get the best shots.

The photos taken with the Tesla are usually used by Tesla as proof of ownership, so don´t take anything too serious with your photos.11.

Use your cell phone.

It may be a bit of a hassle to have a Tesla driver on hand, but when you’re out on the highway, your cell service provider can always call you if something happens.

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