Alaskans are warned to avoid travel after severe weather warning

More than 10 inches of snow fell in Alaska on Wednesday, including a few inches in some areas.

The National Weather Service issued a travel advisory for residents of the Aleutian Islands, which border Alaska, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, warning that they should be prepared for severe weather and other emergencies.

More:The storm is expected to linger through Friday.

More details on the storm and its forecast to come.

The storm’s path is likely to cross Alaska’s western coast.

It will pass through the town of Hulak, where the storm is forecast to remain overnight, before turning northwest and moving west.

The forecast track is likely along the north-central coast of Alaska, where some areas are expected to receive up to four inches of rain, and then move inland.

The cold air that is forecast for the night and early morning will bring a snowstorm.

The NWS is warning people to be cautious of roads and bridges, as well as the weather, and to stay away from buildings and other structures.

There are also some isolated reports of tornadoes and hail.

The weather service said Wednesday night that the storm had weakened overnight and could move through the region in the next few days.

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