Why you should be prepared to fly on Jamaica’s travel advisory

Jamaica’s government is warning travellers to prepare for a major increase in air travel restrictions starting March 6.

The country is seeing a spike in the number of cancelled flights in the wake of the Panama Papers scandal, and a new travel advisory for the Caribbean island has now been issued.

According to the travel advisory issued on March 6, the government has issued new air travel regulations to cover major cities such as Kingston, Kingston, and Port Elizabeth, as well as more rural areas, in the region.

This means travel between these cities will be restricted to a maximum of 25 hours.

All flights will be limited to a minimum of 15 hours and a maximum to 45 hours.

The travel advisory also states that flights between Port Elizabeth and Kingston will be temporarily suspended, and flights between the two cities will only be allowed to be resumed once the restrictions have been lifted.

If you’re planning to visit Jamaica, or travel to the country in the future, you’ll need to be ready to take some additional precautions.

The government is asking travellers to be on their best behaviour in case of any cancellations.

“Be vigilant of any suspicious activity and avoid crowds, noise, crowds of other travellers, or crowds of tourists,” it reads.

“Avoid wearing masks, and keep your luggage out of sight.

Keep all valuables and electronic devices in your checked baggage, and make sure to use the correct security and baggage claim services in your first port of entry.”

The travel advisories have been issued in advance of the official start of the new season, which kicks off on March 3.

The latest travel advisory comes ahead of a planned summit between President Donald Trump and Pope Francis.

The summit is set to take place on March 13.

The UK government is also warning travellers against flying to the Caribbean country.

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