Why parents should be wary of sharing their personal data with advertisers

Parents are worried about their privacy as more people are using apps and social networks to share their information with advertisers.

While parents may want to protect their children from being exploited by apps and websites like Facebook and Twitter, the data may be too intimate for their parents to control, experts say.

That’s because most apps and services have built-in security features, such as a PIN code or a unique identifier, that parents have to enter for each account.

The same goes for social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

If parents want to control what information their children share with advertisers, they’ll have to choose to have their kids log into each account individually.

This means parents may have to provide more details about their children’s interests or interests in the apps or social media networks.

In a blog post published Friday, the U.K.-based Information Commissioner’s Office says parents should steer clear of sharing personal information with apps that they don’t want their children to use.

The advice comes after a study by the Information Commissioner Office revealed that more than half of parents reported being at risk of losing control of their childrens’ personal information when they signed up for an app.

Parents who had more information about their child’s interests were more likely to have the apps blocked, and that increased the risk of their child being exposed to inappropriate or invasive content, the report said.

“Parents should not be putting their children at risk by allowing apps to be used as a way to access personal information,” it said.

In the U-K, the OCA report says parents are not always aware of the apps that their children are using.

In one example, the parents who had the most information about the child were asked to sign up for Instagram, where they were asked whether they wanted to log in with their child.

Parents could choose to decline the option, but the parents were still offered Instagram.

“The OCA suggests that parents should exercise caution when sharing their children with these apps.

If an app is designed to allow access to a child’s information without parental consent, parents should not allow their child to use the app, even if it has no parental control,” the OCO said in its report.

“In this situation, the user may not be aware of how the app is being used and the app may use the child’s data without the parents’ consent.”

For parents who want to share personal information but have not done so in a way that doesn’t give their child too much control, the agency recommends that they only share information with friends and family.

If the app doesn’t let parents manage the information, they should not share it.

Parents should also avoid using apps that have built in privacy controls.

Facebook is one example of a popular app that has built-out a “parental lock” that parents can turn off to prevent their children sharing their details.

Instagram is another app that lets parents turn off parental controls, according to the OCEO.

In an email, Instagram said it was unable to comment on the issue.

“We have not responded to any of the questions raised in this report,” the company said in a statement.

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