What to know about the American travel advisory board and what to do if you’re in the area

In a statement, the American Travel Advisory Board (ATA) said it will begin distributing a travel advisory on Friday, April 19, which will provide a roadmap for the American public to be prepared for the possible impact of Tropical Storm Isaac on Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida.

“The ATCB will be distributing a ‘Travel Warning’ on Friday for all Americans, including those in Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Georgia,” the statement read.

“This travel advisory is designed to provide guidance to help you prepare for possible travel disruptions.”

The advisory board will be distributed at the ATCBs offices and offices of all U.S. government agencies.

The board will consist of representatives of government, industry, and the U. S. Secret Service.

The ATC board members will be selected from the National Governors Association and the American Association of Travel Agents and Leads, and will meet twice per year.

The U.K. and U.A.A., the two main travel advisory boards, will also join the advisory board.

As part of the travel advisory, the board will release a statement with a description of the possible disruption of flights to the United States.

“As we know, the next hurricane season is on the horizon, so it is critical that we all prepare, and get prepared, as a nation,” the board said.

“As travel agencies and airlines work to ensure the best travel experiences possible for the public, we encourage all citizens to check the local travel advisories.”

Travelers are urged to stay informed by staying up-to-date on the latest hurricane and tropical storm developments, as well as the latest information on evacuation centers, sheltering options, and emergency preparedness.

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