What is the Colombian travel advisory vote?

The Colombian government has passed an advisory vote on the upcoming travel advisory for all of Colombia, a step towards limiting the number of tourists and the number traveling abroad for holidays.

The vote was initiated by the Colombian government in response to the increase in cases of Zika and the need to provide public health warnings.

The advisory vote is the first step to the issuance of a travel warning, according to a statement released by Colombia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFT).

The vote is mandatory to be made by the President of Colombia.

It will have a direct effect on the number and duration of the travel warnings issued by the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

The travel advisory will be issued by an official of the Ministry and will not be issued on the Internet.

This means that the advisory vote will be sent to all Colombians, regardless of their nationality, as well as by email, Facebook and WhatsApp.

The advisory vote was announced on December 15 by the Foreign Ministry.

According to the statement, it will be followed by a meeting between the President and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

In addition to the travel advisory votes, the Ministry has also approved measures to restrict the number travel abroad.

The measures will include the suspension of all international flights from Colombia.

Those travelling abroad with a valid passport from outside of Colombia will also be required to leave the country within the period of 72 hours after the departure of the foreign visitor.

The Minister of Interior has also ordered the closure of all tourist facilities in Colombia.

The ministry also said that visitors from other countries should refrain from visiting the country.

There is also a ban on the purchase of alcohol and tobacco products.

The Ministry also said it will make the consumption of alcoholic beverages mandatory by December 31.

The travel advisory comes as Colombia continues to battle Zika and has received more than 50 cases of the virus in the country in the past few days.

According for instance, the country has reported two cases of microcephaly in a newborn.

In a press release, the ministry said that the travel warning is the result of the cooperation of all of the country’s partners and is a step to prevent a wave of travel and increase public health awareness.

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