Rfg advisory board for bitcoin-based blockchain startup,rFG

A bitcoin-focused advisory board with a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies is coming to the attention of investors.

The advisory board, which has not yet been formally announced, will work on issues such as governance and regulatory compliance and will include members from the bitcoin community, including bitcoin’s biggest players, Coinbase and BitPay.

The Rfg Advisory Board will be led by Rfg Labs cofounder and CEO Mark Hurd, a former senior advisor to the CEO of Rfg, and includes prominent bitcoin investors such as Dan Bledsoe, Patrick Murck, Alex Morcos, Jeff Garzik and Brian Armstrong.

The board will include a former Rfg employee, and the board will also include representatives from prominent Bitcoin businesses including Coinbase, BitPay, Coinbase’s venture capital arm, and Coinbase’s blockchain development team.

“Rfg Labs is a unique, visionary company that we are thrilled to partner with on this advisory board,” said Daniel Stenberg, CEO of Blockstream.

“They have demonstrated an extraordinary track record in the blockchain space, and their unique insight will help us build the next generation of smart contracts and digital currency.”

Rfg is an advisory board that will work with Rfg on blockchain matters including governance and compliance, governance and regulation, governance governance and technology, governance, and regulatory oversight.

The company has been working on a variety of blockchain-related issues for some time, and it is partnering with RFG to help the company better understand how blockchain could help improve governance and the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

“The Rfg board is a natural fit for Rfg’s expertise in blockchain technology, regulatory compliance, and other blockchain-specific topics,” said Mark Bostock, CEO and cofounder of Blockstack Ventures, a New York-based venture capital firm focused on blockchain startups.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to work with an extremely talented group of experts who are committed to solving the problems of the blockchain ecosystem.”

Blockstack and Blockstack Labs are part of BlockStream, a venture capital and technology company.

The venture capital company is also a major investor in the Bitcoin Foundation, which supports the development of a network for blockchain projects, including the Rfg platform.

“Blockstream is a leader in the bitcoin blockchain space and is very interested in the RFG advisory board as a new way for them to bring blockchain technology to a broader audience,” said Jeff Garriott, Blockstream’s cofounder, who is also an adviser to Rfg.

“We are excited to have them onboard the advisory board and will work closely with them as they work toward our vision for the future of the bitcoin economy.”

The RFG board will be a part of the company’s new blockchain-focused venture capital fund, Blockstack, which will be incubating and raising funding for blockchain-based projects, and Rfg Ventures, which is helping to develop the Rbg platform.

The fund is one of the first venture capital funds to be invested in blockchain startups, and investors include the likes of Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Andrej Babis and more.

Blockstack is also investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrency startups including Chain, Ledger, Digital Currency Group, Ledum and ZCash.

In May, Blockstock announced it had raised $3 million in Series B funding from Andreessen, Coinbase, First Round Capital, Coinbase Capital, First Union Capital, Bitseed Ventures, Bitfury Capital, Circle Capital, DST Ventures and many more.

Rfg and Blockstream are the latest in a string of companies to be associated with the RgbX team.

Rgbx is a blockchain-centric, open source cryptocurrency platform designed to provide users with a simple, intuitive way to manage their digital currency.

The team also recently launched a cryptocurrency exchange platform, Rgb Exchange.

Both companies have recently gained traction in the space.

Rbtc, a new cryptocurrency, has seen massive market penetration as of late, and its market cap is now more than $4 billion.

Rfbx, the Rfb exchange platform Rfg announced this week, is the first in a series of cryptocurrency exchange companies that will also support Rgbex, RfbX, and others in the future.

“At Rfg we want to build a more decentralized ecosystem that is built on innovation and building upon our own experience,” said Rfg CEO Mark Bove.

“Our goal is to create a platform that allows the community to participate in the ecosystem and help make the platform better.

We want to see Rfg as an innovator, and this is an opportunity to help us accomplish that goal.”

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