How to protect yourself from flying into a hurricane without a hurricane kit

As the hurricane season enters its second week, the number of flights into Florida is already a major concern.

There are already thousands of flights booked for Friday and Saturday.

On Sunday, there will be only one flight.

But it’s a good sign that Irma could make its first landfall, the Weather Channel’s Steve Dorsch says.

Dorschels hurricane warning.

“It’s still not too late to prepare.

You have time to put the extra stuff in,” he says.

And Dorskers flight plans can help.

He’s got a list of what to bring for the worst of the storm, including: Food, water, sunscreen, clothes, batteries, emergency supplies, batteries for radios and generators, flashlights, emergency generators, survival kit and extra fuel.

He also has a checklist of where to put things like water purification tablets, bottled water, candles and batteries.

“We’re not going to go into the details about the food, but if you don’t have food or water you should bring food and water,” he advises.

If you don and you can’t find food, Dorsks advice is to bring a stove and water purifying tablets.

Divers are already on the scene in and around Key West, but Dorscys advice to those that are not is to not dive into the water.

He says you will likely be “wasted” by the time the storm makes landfall.

“If you’re not diving in, you’re wasting your time,” he tells PEOPLE.

“The water will be salty, so if you dive in you’ll waste the oxygen.”

You should also plan to stay inside for at least one hour and 15 minutes, he says, but don’t take the time to be “in the water.”

For the next few days, people should plan to leave their homes and go out for work, he advises, to conserve energy.

“You need to have a plan to prepare,” Dorsons warning to the public.

“Do you want to have to go to work tomorrow and you need to get dressed for that day?”

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