Colorado’s water advisory is too vague to help travelers and the state should reconsider

The Colorado Department of Transportation’s water travel advisory issued in June 2020 was more vague than the advisory issued last year by the state’s Department of Water Resources.

The state issued a water travel alert in January, but that was not enough to ensure that Colorado residents had enough information to make a trip.

The advisory is more of a guide for travelers than a rulebook, which makes it difficult to predict the conditions for travel, and it does not require a valid permit to travel.

The department’s advisory is not clear enough to make travel decisions.

“We think that the state needs to make some additional changes to make it clear what the restrictions are, and what they are not,” said Jim Roussell, an expert on water safety and policy at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

“If they do not do that, the citizens of Colorado will continue to be at a significant risk.”

For example, the advisory does not mention a water source or a safe drinking water source.

Instead, it focuses on water quality, contaminants and water pollution.

Colorado has issued more than 7,500 travel warnings since January.

The travel advisory only mentions a single water source and suggests that people “take the precaution to avoid using water for drinking, bathing, cooking or heating water.”

The advisory warns that drinking water is often contaminated by water from private wells and can cause “potentially life-threatening conditions.”

The Colorado Water Advisory issued in October 2020 was a more detailed version of the advisory that was issued in May 2020.

It outlined what contaminants can be found in drinking water and also suggested that people avoid drinking water that is treated with chemicals.

“The advisory is a bit more detailed than the one that was published in May,” Rousell said.

The draft version of this advisory was released last month, and the department says it has received more than 3,000 comments on the draft version.

The Colorado DOT has said it will review the draft advisory and make changes to it.

The agency has said that the advisory is clear enough for travel and has said there is no specific information about a specific source of contaminants in drinking or wastewater.

The Department of Safety and Professional Standards (DSPS) said it has been in communication with the state regarding the draft of the state advisory, and has agreed to review the advisory and consider any changes.

The safety and regulatory department said it is working on the updated advisory and will be sending it to the department for review.

“It is our goal to ensure the advisory complies with the applicable standards and regulations, and we are working to ensure compliance with the advisory,” DSSS spokeswoman Lauren Smith said in a statement.

The water advisory does, however, include information about drinking water contaminants, which the DSSs said “may be relevant to the general public.”

A person who needs to get a specific water safety product is asked to call the state.

If they don’t have a water product, they are advised to contact a public health professional.

The guidelines say that water quality data should be included in the advisory, but it is unclear whether the information should include specific water sources, a specific safe drinking source, or a specific drinking water treatment method.

The DSS said the agency would look into the specifics of the draft.

The recommendations of the DSPS are still being reviewed, and a decision could come as early as next week.

The guidance also does not include specific drinking or water source information.

The health department’s Drinking Water Advisory Committee has been looking into water safety.

“I think it’s really important that we make sure that we don’t overreact to the recommendations, and that we really take the recommendations very seriously,” said Mark Hetfield, the health department spokesman.

“You never want to overreact and not take action.”

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