Why Cuba has banned foreign flights from the United States

The United States is considering banning foreign flights to Cuba from all domestic and international carriers, citing safety concerns, the State Department said.

The US and Cuba’s Communist-run government had been negotiating a new deal that would see Cuba open its first US airline to foreign travelers.

However, it has not been formally signed.

“The US is reviewing the latest information from our Cuban counterparts and we remain committed to working with them to establish a long-term solution that ensures the safety and security of our citizens,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said.

“We continue to work with the Cuban government and its government of the opposition to resolve the issue.”

The US is not the first country to ban foreign flights into Cuba, following the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in December 1959.

However US airlines have been a relatively successful seller of Cuban-made airliners since they were established in 1959.

In 2015, US carriers booked an average of 8.7 million foreign passengers a year, according to US travel data provider Travelocity.

Cuba is the world’s fourth-largest airline market, after China, Japan and South Korea.

Cuba’s new airline, El Comercio, will be operated by the Cuban Air Force and will offer domestic and charter services, according the US State Department.

US President Donald Trump has been urging a better relationship with Cuba since taking office.

In December, he announced a $1.6bn package to build new air terminals, expand US trade ties with Cuba and help re-establish relations with former Soviet bloc nations Russia and China.

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