When TSA has a problem, it doesn’t usually call an advisory board member

Posted August 04, 2018 08:23:30A few months ago, a member of the TSA Advisory Board was told to stop using her full name, as part of a change in TSA’s policy.

In a statement to Ars, the TSA said the change was made to better accommodate its staff members and the public, and was to protect the privacy of its members.

When the change came to light, the FAA issued a letter saying that because it was a public safety issue, the change would require a formal policy change.

This is the first time in more than a decade that a federal agency has made a public policy change regarding its employee’s personal data.

“We do not comment on the status of personnel matters,” TSA spokeswoman Heather Anderson told Ars.

“The Federal Aviation Administration, through its Federal Aviation Safety Board, provides independent oversight of the FAA.”

TSA has had a fairly stable relationship with the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), which has been its primary oversight body since it was created in 1958.

That relationship has changed somewhat since Trump took office in January.

Trump and his administration have had a rocky relationship with both the FAA and the TSA, as he has pushed for more regulations on the agency, while also taking a hard line on the TSA’s security policies.

In late December, the Trump administration banned travelers from the U.S. from flying with electronic devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Trump also has vowed to shut down all U.K. airports, and banned American visitors from the country for two weeks.

But even after the ban, TSA officials have been trying to work out a deal.

The agency has had an agreement with the European Union to allow its employees to use laptops in their terminals, but the agreement only applies to its employees.

In March, the agency also began using its staff to run checkpoints and ticketing systems, but only at the U-M campus.

At the time, the airport agency said it was making the decision based on “the security needs of its employees.”

TSA’s public-relations director, John McAfee, said the TSA was doing its best to get the best deal possible for its employees, but added that the agency was still evaluating the situation.

“They’re not done yet, but they’re working to make sure they’re going to have a good deal with the TSA,” McAfee said.

“At the end of the day, we want to make a good job out of the experience, and we’re going with what we think is best for the TSA and the aviation community.”

In the meantime, the airlines have been looking for ways to get through the changes that have come about over the past year.

On Thursday, United Airlines said it would allow its U.C.L.A. campus to use its staff for checkpoints and the screening process, but said it is still unsure if the airport would accept them.

United also said it will open its gates for American Airlines flights on Sunday.

The changes were met with some skepticism.

“I’m disappointed with the actions of TSA, but I don’t understand the reasoning behind them,” wrote Joe Woll, president of the UCC Alliance, in a statement.

“Why have TSA employees used their full names?

And how can TSA be trusted with the data they collect?

How is TSA supposed to use it?”

Ars’ Matthew Berry contributed to this story.

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