JetBlue Airways’ parent company JetBlue has removed a travel advisory regarding the Zika virus

The parent company of American Airlines said Thursday it has removed travel advisories from its website and social media platforms, in the latest example of the airline’s attempts to limit the spread of the virus.

American’s website and Twitter account were updated to reflect the decision.

JetBlue said it had already removed travel advice for travelers who flew into major U.S. cities, such as Miami and Atlanta, after the company found the information on flights from Atlanta to Miami to be inaccurate.

It said the information was based on “samples taken in Miami and not in Atlanta, Georgia.”

JetBlue’s decision to remove travel advisions came a day after the airline said it was removing the Zika travel advice from its social media pages.

The airline had previously offered travelers who were infected with the virus a free travel voucher for the first three weeks of their trip, but said that offer was no longer valid.

American said Thursday that it was updating its website to show the Zika advisory, which had been removed, was now available on a more limited basis.

Jet Blue has not yet issued a statement regarding the company’s decision.

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