How to prepare for the 2018-19 pandemic

A new study suggests that the Pentagon is looking for ways to increase the amount of troops deployed to the Pacific to boost the response.

A study conducted by researchers at Harvard University and the University of Southern California (USC) says that the US military is already in the process of “booting up” the Pacific region.

The researchers have used the term “bunkered down” to describe the Pentagon’s strategy of deploying an increased number of troops to the region in the wake of the pandemic.

They said that the increased deployments are being driven by a need to respond to the pandemics threat.

The study was published on Monday in the journal PLoS One.

The authors of the study said that it was important for the US to “bundle up” and to be ready to deal with the pandemancer threat.

“In light of the global nature of this pandemic, it is essential to coordinate the deployment of forces, including deployed air, ground, naval, and ground vehicles, as well as other assets to respond effectively and efficiently to the threat,” they wrote.

The authors of this study believe that the “bundled up” strategy would be a good idea.

They suggested that the more troops deployed, the better.

“We also suggest that the use of a ‘bunched up’ strategy could facilitate more effective deployment, which may increase the likelihood of effective and cost-effective response to this pandemic,” the researchers wrote.

The study also found that “bunshed up” was also used to describe what the US could do if the pandemaker was released into the region.

“The United States should focus on deploying the resources necessary to ensure a rapid response and to ensure that the response is coordinated across regional and federal agencies and departments and across the military,” the authors said.

The Pentagon has been pushing to beef up the military presence in the Pacific and to get US forces ready for the pandemer.

The department has also been putting out calls for troops to be deployed in the region, as the government has already had to deploy a US Marine Corps unit in Hawaii. 

The Pacific has been a major staging ground for US troops in recent years, with more than 2,000 troops stationed in Guam, three in Guam’s Northern Territories and another two in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

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