How to delete ‘bitchy’ memes from Facebook

What happens when you post a meme that is sexist, racist, homophobic, or misogynistic?

If you have no idea how to delete those images from your Facebook wall, the creators of a new app are here to help.

The app, called My Funny Pages, is a free download for Android and iOS users.

It allows users to add or remove memes, photos, videos, and more from the social network.

The app’s creators, Chris Pritchard and Scott Pritchett, said the app was developed with the goal of removing “bitchiness” from Facebook.

“The idea behind this app is to remove as much content from Facebook as possible and to help users see more of the world, to be a better friend,” Pritch said.

Pritchard, who works as a freelance writer and filmmaker, said he created the app to help people see more content on Facebook.

He and Pritchettt, both of whom are white, said they want the app’s functionality to reflect their experiences in the U.S. as well.

“I think the app is designed for people who don’t like being judged, who don and don’t want to be judged,” Pritzts said.

“And to help other people feel like they’re more open to other people who might have different experiences and more open about their feelings.”

The app includes a list of popular memes and other memes that are offensive, including a photo of a man wearing a t-shirt that read “I’m going to beat you in a fistfight.”

Pritcher added that the image is meant to “make fun of the fact that the people who created it are men.”

“This was designed to be offensive to women,” he said.

The creators of the app, who describe themselves as white, say they aim to provide a platform for people of color, who tend to have more limited online communities, to discuss the issues that affect them.

“We’re trying to create an alternative social media experience where people can connect, discuss, and support each other,” Preetz said.

“People can see other people’s experiences, they can see the struggles that they’re going through and we want to help them see their own experiences.”

“My Funny Pages is not an anti-woman or anti-black Facebook page,” Pribest said.

Rather, the app aims to help “people of color,” Piritchett added.

The developers also plan to allow users to create their own meme groups.

“It’s not really an app about race.

It’s about how we can use this platform to create and share our own memes,” Priest said.

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