How to avoid getting robbed in London

If you want to be a better traveller, you’ll need to be aware of how to use your smartphone in crowded areas. 

We asked travel experts to give us some tips on how to avoid being robbed in the capital. 

And here are their recommendations.1.

Don’t leave your phone at home in crowded London areasThere’s a pretty clear rule of thumb: if you’re going to be out in the public spaces of London, make sure you have your phone with you.

That means using it as you would your wallet, keys and keys-in-hand. 

When you leave your home or office, do it in a way that ensures it’s secure. 

The London Underground (LOT) has a video outlining this, but if you don’t know what to expect from a busy train station, the best thing you can do is to leave your mobile at home.2.

Get your own phone at least once a weekYou can’t always be out and about when you’re away, so you’ll want to keep your phone handy for when you are. 

This means buying an unlocked phone.

The good news is that you can always buy a phone from a specialist reseller, but it’s worth checking if it’s a standard model or one that comes with a data contract. 

It’s also worth checking the availability of international versions of these phones, which can be a bit tricky to find in London.3.

Check your mobile insurance to see if you need itYour mobile insurance can help you pay for your phone in certain circumstances. 

If you’re covered under your local insurance, you’re protected from being robbed, but you’ll also be protected from the risk of being charged a late charge if you leave the phone unattended for too long.

If you’re not, you could end up with a bill of your own.4.

Keep your phones safe and in good conditionKeep your phones and wallets in a safe place at all times. 

A safe place to keep a phone and wallet is in a well-lit, well-ventilated place.

If the phone is left in a dark room for too much time, it could damage it. 

Avoid using your phone outside of designated areas and you’ll be more protected. 

Be sure to check your phone’s settings before leaving your home and office to make sure it doesn’t have an embedded camera, for example.5.

Don the maskIf you’ve been mugged, you should dress in a mask. 

Don’t leave the mask on.

If your phone gets broken, or if you lose it, you won’t be able to get it repaired.

If a stranger comes up to you and steals your phone, you might not be able go home until you’ve taken the mask off.6.

Always be extra vigilantYou should always be wearing a mask at all occasions, even when out in public.

A police officer may not be available to intervene if you can’t remove the mask, so be sure you wear it when you can. 


Always lock your phoneIf you lock your mobile phone, it’s almost certain that someone will take it and steal it.

If they have the phone, they can then use it in order to make a phone call or call someone else. 

Your best bet is to lock it and use a passcode. 


If someone knocks at your door, run, hide and lockIt’s unlikely that a knock will get you in the way of someone breaking into your house, but a knock at your front door is not the same as being robbed. 

Do the following when knocking at your home door: Be prepared to explain that you’re burglar alarm is out and that you need to go out and hide. 

Lock the door and do the following: Put your keys in the lock and take a photo of the locksmith. 

Get a lock code from a reputable store, such as a reputable mobile phone company. 

Put a padlock on the door, and secure the padlock by tying a rope to it.

This should be a minimum of 10cm thick. 

Once the lock is secure, open the door to let the burglar in, and take the photo. 

Never leave the door unlocked, and do not take pictures of the padlocks you’ve used. 


Never lock your bag while you’re on a trainYou should never leave your bag unattended on a railway, bus or bus carriage. 

Train services are regularly checked for security, and you should always have a lock on your bag when on a carriage.

If you don�t have your keys with you, you can buy one from a shop that has a secure lock, such a Walgreens. 


Never walk into a restaurant, cafe or shop without your phone You should not walk into restaurants, cafes or shops without your smartphone, or have a phone with your pocket or purse. 

You can buy a smart phone

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