Chile travel advisory: Chile, Mexico travel advisory due to ‘major weather’

A new travel advisory has been issued for Chile and Mexico, warning of “major weather conditions” and a “high risk of catastrophic damage” as a result of the recent El Niño.

Chile, the world’s most populous country, and Mexico are both in the midst of extreme weather, with Mexico suffering from “the worst flooding and mudslides on record,” according to the travel advisory issued Monday.

The two countries are on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean, so if you’re headed there for the weekend, make sure you bring your bug spray, sunscreen, and water.

And as the region is currently experiencing a tropical depression, travelers are urged to be aware of potential flooding.

The travel advisory comes just days after an El Niño event brought tropical rains to the region and led to the death of at least 20 people in Chile.

“The forecast for Chile is very strong and the rain is likely to continue through the weekend,” the travel warning reads.

“Temperatures could reach 30 degrees Celsius in the city of Santiago and 45 degrees Celsius near the airport.

The rain is expected to move over the area by Wednesday morning, with wind gusts of 50-70 kilometers per hour and heavy rainfalls, potentially causing flash flooding.”

In Mexico, “The El Niño of 2018 was the most severe on record and is expected for the coming months,” the advisory states.

The National Weather Service issued a second advisory for Mexico, which “has experienced significant flooding, landslides, and strong winds.”

A total of 11,917 people have been killed in Mexico, according to government data. The El Niño is a weather phenomenon in which the planet’s atmosphere warms and the land freezes over, allowing air to condense in the Pacific.

The region has been experiencing a number of El Niño-related floods and mudslides since the beginning of the year.

In Mexico City, more than a million people were forced to evacuate their homes due to flooding caused by the El Niño, which has been linked to record-breaking rainfall and flooding in parts of the United States and parts of Europe.

The hurricane season in Mexico is typically a dry one, with a few rainy days.

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