Belize: President’s Advisory Group to Hold Conference on ‘Travel Alerts’

NEW YORK (AP) President Donald Trump’s presidential advisory group is to hold a conference in the Belize capital of Managua to discuss travel advisories and to provide information on travel restrictions to the U.S. and other countries.

The meeting is being organized by the Trump administration and the Belmopan Travel Advisory Council, which advises the president.

The group is being led by former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and former U!

ambassador to Belize, Chris Kirkland.

The council, which includes Annan, Kirkland, former U!.


Ambassador Patrick Nunn, and several former Belizeans, is chaired by U.K.-based John Steed, a Belizean who was ambassador to the United States under Trump.

Annan also is a member of the advisory group.

The event is to be held on Friday and Saturday, Belmopans spokesman, Robert Bovio, told The Associated Press.

Belize’s tourism industry is suffering amid the Ebola crisis.

The tourism industry in the country has been hit hard by a sharp drop in visitors from countries including Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, as well as the outbreak in West Africa.

In a statement Thursday, the tourism industry group said it had no plans to boycott the conference and that it had agreed to the invitation to host it.

It added that it is willing to help the president, but that the group does not represent the government of Belize or its policies.

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