New Mexico: 5 things to know about the new Migratory Bird Advisory

New Mexico is the first state to adopt a bird advisory.

And now, the state is looking for more public comment on its proposal to implement it.

The Migrational Bird Advisory System (MBAS) was developed by the Department of Agriculture to give people in the state some idea of what to look out for when traveling to a state with high populations of migratory birds.

It was designed to help residents avoid a costly trip to the airport.

As of Tuesday, it was being rolled out to 15 counties in the southern state of New Mexico.

It’s not quite a nationwide system, but it’s the first one in the country.

“MBAS is meant to give you a rough idea of where you should be going, so you know where you are likely to be getting into trouble,” said Bill Schmitz, the executive director of the Arizona Department of Transportation.

“It is a little different from a bird watching, but this is a tool that is designed to be used in a proactive way, with the best of intentions and with the goal of saving lives.”

The Migrant Bird Advisory will be implemented nationwide on February 23, and will allow people to know how many birds they can expect to encounter while in New Mexico, where there are approximately 40 million of the birds in the United States.

“When you’re in the middle of nowhere, and you’re looking for something to eat, or to drink water from, that’s a lot of birds,” said Mike Crouch, a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico who has been traveling to the state for two years.

“So, there’s a good chance you’re going to come across a lot more birds than you’re used to.”

There are about 2.2 million birds in New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont, according to the MBAS.

The state has some of the most bird-friendly policies in the nation.

New Hampshire is one of the states with the highest number of bird-killed birds per capita, according the New Hampshire Department of Natural Resources.

The MBAS is a pilot program designed to give residents a sense of what wildlife can be found in a given area, but officials say it’s not meant to be a complete national database.

The federal government plans to eventually expand the system, according Brian Tapp, an assistant secretary for wildlife management at the Department.

“The MBAS allows us to understand and quantify the threats and impacts of bird migration across the country,” Tapp said.

“There’s going to be more information on the Migrations Advisory System as we continue to implement and expand it.”

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