Kenya travel warning issued for Kenyans with Ebola outbreak

KENYA, Kenya — Kenyas are being warned that they could infect others who come into contact with the infected Ebola patient, which could put others at risk.

The warning is from the Health Ministry, and is being issued after the virus had been contained to several hundred people.

The ministry said Friday that all Kenyatta officials, including health officials, should not work in a hotel or other building in the capital city of Nairobi.

It said it would issue more information when the situation improves.

Kenyatans are already warned to stay away from hospitals and schools, as well as places where people are being cared for in the affected region.

It warned that the virus could spread among visitors to hospitals.

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga also said Friday the government will review its plans for evacuating Kenyats from Nairobs and surrounding areas.

Odingas office said he will ask the National Emergency Management Agency to review the decision to evacuate Kenyathans.

The Nairoby administration said it has a plan in place to evacuate people from Nhulunbuy and other parts of the capital, including from the Nairobuzi hotel and the area surrounding the airport, but not from Ndola and other areas.

The country’s health department says about 4,400 Kenyattans are infected and more than 1,000 died of the disease in the past month.

In addition, there have been more than 5,000 confirmed deaths, the highest total since the epidemic began in December.

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