How to get rid of the “Travel Advisory”

A travel advisory for Massachusetts will soon disappear.

The state’s travel advisory board has voted to end the term of the advisory, which was in place until last year.

The advisory board’s decision comes after the Boston Globe and the Washington Post reported last year that the advisory was mismanaged, costing state taxpayers nearly $4 million.

A spokesperson for the advisory board did not immediately respond to an inquiry.

The travel advisory was supposed to last a year.

That has expired.

Instead, the advisory will be replaced with a short-term travel advisory that will provide details on what activities are allowed, how to get around Boston, and how to prepare for the event.

The term of that advisory will also end.

While the advisory committee is made up of elected officials and consultants, they are not the only ones who have concerns about the advisory’s role.

The Boston Globe reported in June that the board is now under a state budget squeeze, as a result of budget cuts.

The committee has voted twice to cut spending.

The second vote came after the state’s budget director announced that the state would not be able to keep up with rising demand from the opioid crisis, which has been blamed for many deaths in Massachusetts.

The budget director has since been replaced by a new state budget director, who has said the budget will be more in line with how the state spends on other priorities.

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