How to avoid travel advisories and layoffs at your local travel agency

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is issuing travel advisions and job cuts at local travel agencies nationwide amid an intensifying Ebola outbreak.

The advisory issued by the FAA last week warned workers to expect travel disruptions if they’re not prepared.

The agency has been urging travelers to travel during the worst of the outbreak in the US.

Travelers can expect to experience some travel restrictions, including limited availability for flights to and from West Africa.

But most flights are still scheduled to depart on time, and many localities have said they’re already prepared.

A few airports in Pennsylvania have already started cutting back their staffing levels and suspending the hiring of staff, according to the state Department of Labor.

The Pittsburgh International Airport is limiting staffing to 200 to 250 employees.

Other regional airports in North America have also reduced staffing levels.

For example, in Boston, the city is reducing staffing levels to 75 workers, while the Boston International Airport will cut staff levels to 15.

The FAA’s latest warning was issued after the agency received an increase in reports of Ebola-related travel cancellations from people coming from West African countries, according a statement by the agency.

The agency is advising that airlines with fewer than 50 full-time employees may be able to resume their operations as early as this weekend, and they’re also encouraging those companies with fewer full-timers to prepare for possible closures.

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