How to avoid the Chines vacation to China

A travel advisory issued in China warning parents to avoid visiting the city of Nanjing after the Chinese government said its citizens could be infected with a new coronavirus strain.

Travelers in the region, including Nanjing, are under a state of alert after the government said it detected the virus in six of its 10 cities, and the country has now closed all public transport.

According to the China Travel Advisory, travel to the city is now restricted to people who have recently returned from the pandemic.

The advisory came after a coronaviruses coronaviral variant, H7N9, was detected in China’s second-largest city, Nanjing.

In a news release, the China Health Ministry said on Wednesday that three people have tested positive for the H7 variant.

The Ministry said all affected Chinese nationals have been vaccinated, and that there is no indication of any new cases in Nanjing or the surrounding area.

“The China Health Authorities are firmly taking all measures to prevent any possible spread of the virus and are carrying out a thorough analysis,” the statement said.

The advisory comes as China continues to struggle with a severe pandemic, with some countries closing all major public transport services and hospitals, and some citizens refusing to travel to major cities.

Some Chinese officials have expressed frustration that the country’s public health authorities are not taking precautions, with an official in Nanzhou province reportedly telling local media on Tuesday that China is not doing enough to prevent the spread of coronavivirus.

The health ministry said that it will hold a news conference on Tuesday to provide more details on the investigation into the Nanjing case.

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