State of the Union: Obama to outline new plan for opioid use in children

President Barack Obama will outline a plan Tuesday for states to adopt the most aggressive policies for addressing the opioid crisis, his administration said.

The announcement marks a major departure from the Obama administration’s approach to drug abuse and addiction, which has focused on the opioid epidemic in a more holistic fashion, and in a way that will focus more on treatment and prevention.

The announcement comes after weeks of bipartisan negotiations that have focused on ways to deal with the opioid problem.

States that have resisted adopting such an aggressive approach for drug abuse have largely relied on their governors to take their lead on the issue.

Obama’s proposal calls for state governments to set aside 10 percent of their general revenue for the purpose of developing prevention and treatment programs.

The states would also have the ability to choose how to allocate funding to drug treatment programs, according to the White House.

The president said the plan will provide additional resources for states that choose to develop their own programs, and will also include an increase in federal funding for states.

The plan will also provide $100 million over three years for community-based prevention and addiction treatment.

The federal funds would help states address a range of needs, including increasing access to housing, improving access to mental health services, providing substance abuse treatment and increasing community engagement.

In his speech, Obama said he will unveil a new plan to help states combat the opioid overdose crisis in the coming months.

“We have a national crisis, and we have to do our part,” he said.

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