How to get around the U.S. on vacation: A guide

By JEFFREY KERREYThe Sport Bible, a weekly travel guidebook published by the sports publication, USA Today, has released its guide to getting around the United States on vacation, and it’s an interesting one.

While the guide covers the basics of getting around, there’s one area that seems especially off-the-wall: the idea of getting on a plane.

“What if I want to go on a vacation to Hawaii or the Bahamas?

Can I?” the guide reads, listing all the ways to get to different destinations.

It then offers some suggestions on how to plan your trip to take advantage of these travel options.

“In the United Kingdom, if you want to spend a day in the sun, you could use the sunshade, so get yourself a pair of sunglasses, as well as a hat, gloves, and a long sleeve shirt that fits you,” the guide says.

“In Australia, they have a sun protection plan, so you can get your long sleeve sunshirt with your headgear on.”

In the U:The guide also gives tips for getting around during the day, such as getting a ride with your local taxi service or using Uber to get where you need to go.

“If you have a car, you should have a map on your phone,” the travel guide says, noting that you’ll also need a map and map app to get from place to place.

“If you want, you can also use Google maps to get directions, but you might not want to.”

The Travel Bible also says that you can take advantage in some states of the U, such.

Hawaii and Guam, and other areas in the South.

“But if you’re in a state like California, you may not have a choice,” the Travel Bible says.

There are a few other tips in the guide, such: Get a hotel room before you leave, but remember to buy your room well in advance.

The guide also warns that if you get a ride, you’ll need to pay for it yourself, and that you won’t get reimbursed for any additional expenses.

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