How to get around the fog advisory: How to make your car park more spacious

The fog advisory is being imposed across the UK, with the warning that heavy rain and flooding will hit the country on Sunday.

The UK’s National Grid warned on its website that there will be “significant disruption to the normal running of the national grid and local transport networks”.

The National Weather Service (NWS) warned that the UK could see wind gusts up to 65km/h (43 mph) in parts of southern England and in the north of Scotland.

The NWS said heavy rain will hit southern and central England on Sunday, with “high” and “moderate” risk levels in parts and “low” risk in other areas.

“The storm is forecast to continue to develop over parts of Scotland and to make its way to the north east coast of England and the Isle of Wight,” the NWS added.

The National Fire and Rescue Service said it is “working closely with the National Grid to ensure the power grid remains in place”.

In a statement, the NFS said: “We are urging people to avoid driving, to remain indoors and to be aware of possible fog and thunderstorm conditions.”

We would urge anyone who is in an area where heavy rain is forecast, to ensure they are using low-lying areas, including the roads and pavements, to minimise any damage.

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